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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Onion-skinned Crybabies

Onion-skinned crybabies. That's what we are.

1. The Teri Hatcher-Desperate Housewives episode was my very first recollection on how balat-sibuyas we can really be. I remember being dumbfounded how the country was insulted from a SCRIPT of a fictional comedy show. It is humour. And as far as I know, Recto Street is filled with small businesses ready and willing to falsify documents for a price. It's not like it does not exist at all.

2. The Alec Baldwin-David Letterman episode came a close second. Again, I don't know how to say this, but it's humour. It's pop culture. Enjoy it. Be fascinated and just laugh about it. Like Recto, it exists in our world today. A quick Google search proved just that. What's worse is that politicians demanded a public apology. Holy shit was that embarrassing.

3. The Dan Brown-Inferno novel was the icing on this pathetic cake. Again, fiction. An alternate version of a city is not unusual to be seen in media today. This is how the author wanted his world to be. A creation out of his imagination. People take it WAY too seriously.

I am confident there are more, but the examples above best describe what I am trying to say here.

Just think about it, most of the content created for books, movies and television shows are products of reality. Stereotypes are there for a reason. Think about how many films have been made regarding Middle Eastern "terrorists". Then think about how many public apologies have been requested from Hollywood producers. On a similar note, think about how many times Asians have been portrayed as bad drivers, rice lovers and math experts. DID THE ENTIRE ASIAN CONTINENT ASKED FOR PUBLIC APOLOGIES? I'll give you some time to think about this.

Michael V's DJ Bumbay video was weirdly appreciated by the Filipino community. I don't know how the East Indian community thought about it, but I never heard any violent reactions from them. Had they made one, Filipinos would have most likely made the lame excuse of them being onion-skinned. Funny how things work. Notice that we do to others what we do not want others to do to us? We find that it is perfectly okay to make fun of others, yet we make a fool of ourselves with all these senseless apologies.

We are the most sensitive bunch of people in the most irrational way. Really, they are funny. They are nothing to get worked up about. Just enjoy them as part of the work.

Monday, April 28, 2014

OMG White Guy Speaks Tagalog

When a non-Filipino blurts out Tagalog words or phrases, we suddenly go into this fangirl version of ourselves. I do not understand the reasoning behind this.

A British guy cursing in Tagalog, "Putang ina." is just another British guy cursing in Tagalog. It does not mean Philippines is the "best country in the world" or that we are famous just because another person picked up the local language. He could have lived in the country for decades, maybe even grew up there, but that's about it. There is nothing to talk about here. 

When I, for example, have lived in Japan for 20 years, I think it is only natural and fitting to be immersed into the Japanese culture (which includes the language spoken) like any other person there. There is no need to record it on video then upload it to Youtube with the title, "Filipino guy speaks Nihongo!" That is just a load of crap.

Youtube has so many videos of white guys speaking Tagalog and every single one of Filipinos make a big deal out of it. 

It's not a testament of a country's "awesomeness" or reputation. It is not an evidence that the Filipino culture is everywhere. It is not proof that "we are so bad ass that non-Filipinos want to learn the language."

No. It's just another guy speaking another language. So let us please calm our tits, especially when we ourselves can't even speak fluent Tagalog. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Since When Is The Miss Universe An Exam For English Class?

Shamcey Supsup's answer to her final question wasn't bad. It was nowhere bad. In fact, it's gotta be right up there together with Ukraine's and Angola's. Still, it goes back to this fact that English isn't her first language. That may have slightly played a factor in making a huge impact in the end.

Notice the candidates who had interpreters. They paused, and let the interpreters speak for them. That short gap in between speaking allows them to think of their next set of words carefully. That 1-2 seconds of transition is long enough to help counter the pressure of a candidate. Shamcey, who I am pretty sure was trying her best to avoid doing a Venus ("Major major"), answered it very well. However, it got me to think, would her answer have been any different if she had an interpreter?

The thing with this country is that we're too proud to admit we need one. We always like to show the world that we can compete with them, even if we can't. We have this thinking that we are far less superior so we try our best to counteract that by any means necessary. To be honest, it doesn't make anybody look bad if we answer the Q&A in Tagalog. I mean, it's our mother tongue. The rest will understand that. The sad part is, the people who don't our no other than the Filipinos themselves.

I can already imagine people saying, "Bakit naman kailangan mag-interpreter? Ang galing galing natin mag-English eh!" The Miss Universe competition isn't a contest of who speaks the better English. I'm sorry, did you get that memo? Angola won, with the help of the interpreter. Previous winners have been crowned, ALSO with the aid of translators. What's the deal?

Until a candidate we send is smart enough to realize one little change in tactics is enough to stomp over this WRONG idealism we have, we stand no chance not only in a competition like this, but also a society in general. In the future, I would love to see a representative ask for an interpreter and go all the way as the winner. The effect it will have in the way we think will dramatically change. Then we don't have to pretend like we're such a 100% problem-free nation, because we're not. We have some issues we need to deal with.

In case you didn't get where I was going for this entry.. It was in no way targeted towards Shamcey's answer, or how she handled herself. I'm very impressed with her answer, as a matter of fact.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

EDSA: Celebrate 25 Years of Mediocrity

Here we go again. We have a bunch of morons who think they are free just because EDSA happened. We got annoying educated (but uneducated in some way) people who have only one idea of freedom: Facebook and Twitter. They have this thinking that just because they can say whatever they want online and offline that they are free. Such a classic case of close-mindedness.

Proud to be Pinoy because of EDSA? Please. Be proud if in the 25 years since that fateful day in our history, something changed. Have you seriously come up with one significant improvement in our society since that day? I'm not just talking about infrastructures, but also the flow of our minds as one nation. In those 25 years, we're still in the same shithole. We're still recovering from the Marcos regime as I type this. While doing that we have yet to figure out a way to solve problems which have always plagued the country.

We are not free. We have a false sense of nationalism. Think about this, the success of the newest Youtube sensation Maria Aragon is NOT based on her ethnicity being Filipino. If that's the case, then you people are trying to tell me that ALL Filipinos can sing that well, since apparently her bloodline is all there is to it that led to her stardom. How many times do I have to say this that it is an individual accomplishment. It has nothing to do with where her parents came from. And by the way, she is Canadian. Her ethnicity may be Filipino, but she is legally Canadian. People from the Philippines always find ways to associate themselves with the success of others. I remember the time they found out NBA player Nate Robinson is 1/8 Filipino. Are you fucking kidding me? They really had to go there, huh? It's like they're using all these celebrities and famous personalities as escapes to whatever sad and poor reality they have. They find joy and contentment in those little things. Here's an idea, why not try and create something for your own.

One more thing, Manny Pacquiao's rise to fame ALSO has nothing to do with him being Filipino. Can all Filipinos box that well? I think not. It's really so stupid to say that because we're being laughed at by other countries. We don't even try to listen what we are saying. We sound stupid, really. Pacquiao is trained by Freddie Roach and his system. Without him, Pacquiao would be nothing. He won't be able to depend on our own local boxing program to help him get to where he got to today. Sure, I can give you the tiny bit of excuse to say you're proud if Manny did get all the training from a respectable Philippine boxing program. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. It took someone from another country to train him into a lean mean fighting machine that he is now.

And if we are the best in the world, then why is the Philippines still a third-world country? We have this false sense (again) that we are the most superior nation of people in the entire universe that whatever we do will surely be better than others. Gee. We're a nation of hypocrites. That's what we are. We say one thing, but portray something else. Here's one more good example of how hypocrital we are: We always say we laugh at almost anything and that's one of our finest traits. Hmm. Because last time I checked, we always get pissed (pikon) whever the country is included in American humor. It is a sitcom. It is a talk show. It is a comedy show. Naturally they are not serious. It is humor. So why can't we just laugh with them? Check out what I am talking about in my previous entry here. Aren't we a bunch of idiots who love the fact that we get mentioned in almost any form of media as long as it's from the US? We are hypocrites.

And getting #EDSA25 to the top trending topic for today already signifies a united nation? C'mon. It's the funniest shit I heard all day..

EDSA is just another excuse for people to feel good about something for one day. They are blind, and that's a good thing for our president because as far as he is concerned, his mother is the most revered personality in this occasion. Is that your idea of freedom? We can't even stand on our own. Most people's idea of freedom is being able to write a blog like I am now, or to be able to update their status in Facebook. It is more than that. It is time to grow up, get real and get your shit together, Philippines!


Are we not better off today than we were a generation ago?
Ted Reyes, gives juicy answers for Noynoy Aquino to chew on. Ted, in his blog post – Where is the Philippines 25 years after EDSA that:
25 years after EDSA, the Philippines is ranked as the most dangerous place for journalists. In the nine-year administration of Gloria Arroyo, scores of media men have been killed for doing their jobs.
25 years after EDSA, the Philippines is ranked in the top 10 most corrupt nations on earth.
25 years, after EDSA, many works of art are still getting censored out if they are contrary to the government or the church.
25 years after EDSA, the government, Muslim, as well as, communist rebels are still engaged in peace talks and in between, thousands die.
25 years after EDSA, the Philippines is still under heavy debt and has yet to find itself out of the bracket of third world nations.
25 years after EDSA, election fraud continues to decide who will govern.
25 years after EDSA, the politicians in power today bear the following family names: Marcos, Romualdez, Aquino, Cojuangco, Estrada, and Enrile.
Most of the heroes and villains of EDSA 1986 maybe dead and gone, but the demons that made the heroes rise up and fight are still alive and kicking.
Perhaps these demons will outlive us all, including the spirit of that miraculous four days on Epiphanio De Los Santos Avenue.
If 25 years after EDSA we still question its point, then it has no point at all.
If a quarter of a century has passed since EDSA, and we still question if it succeeded, then it failed.
It may be hard to swallow but yes, the spirit of EDSA is dead.
We grieve as we surrender to the truth that 25 years after EDSA, nothing has changed.
For short – NO, we are not better of today than we were a generation ago- it actually feels we are WORSE. There are more thieves, clowns, and incompetents in government. A generation ago, I was living and working in the Philippines and had no reason to migrate. Funny how a few years can make a difference. When Erap won the Presidency, I felt it was time to for my life to move on because the Philippine electorate isn’t ready for honest-to-goodness development, yet. More disturbing, however is that in the last Presidential elections – Estrada was playing second to Aquino. If Aquino lost, Estrada would have been president.

Source: Antipinoy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

REPOST: Hard Work ... Not Filipino-ness

I've always reiterated over and over again the message conveyed in this article:

FROM: AntiPinoy

Hard Work ... Not Filipino-ness
(A rearranged compilation of tweets from

Pacquiao's success was built on the sports program of a Non-Filipino - you all better thank Freddie Roach - the individual.

That Pacquiao, Pempengco, Banatao.. and OFWs succeed overseas just tells you one thing about the culture of mediocrity in the #Philippines.

An individual can succeed - given the right environment... Pacquaio .. like OFWs have to leave the Philippines to find the right environment 35 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Parental support?.. kung Pinas pa rin ang coaching at facilitiies mo... makiboksing ka na lang sa nanay at tatay mo.. Get real now.

Coaching.. training.. focus.. hard work.. and a winning attitude.. does not have anything to do about being Filipino. Get Real #Philippines

Just because you are a Filipino, does that now make you a great boxer? Is that so? Really? maghunos-dili ka.... guni guni mo lang yan.

Manny owes Freddie Roach big time... not his "Filipino-ness"... susmaryosep.

Proud to be Filipino?

Proud to be filipino because manny is filipino? am sorry but i can't for the life of me make that same comment. if manny were a product of a concerted national sports programs - that's the time i will be proud.

But, trained by freddie roach, training in california... get real now.

Without Freddie Roach intervention and guidance - manny would have wind up like Rex Navarette - it had nothing to do with Manny being Filipino at all.

Manny rose above being a Filipino - a mere accident of birth is not something to be proud about.

The Philippine Sports Program

Tontowist Pinoys will rejoice about Manny... seriously.. look at the philippine sports program and WEEP!!!

Philippine sports program and Manny Pacquiao... one is real.. the other is fantasy... :)

Manny Pacquiao wins - eight championships... Philippiine Sports Program .. what.. there's a program?

Manny pacquiao's win is diametrically opposite to the loser of a Philippines sports program.

If Pacquiao relied on local coaching and local facilities... hanggang Pilipinas lang siya champion.. afterwards kulelat na .. parang bang mga PBA players.

Boxing Program? Congress will allot budget - 90% goes to Tongressman/Senatong - 7% goes to actual program - 3% to Roach.. ipis 27 minutes ago

Hire Roach to run Philippines BOxing Program? the Philippines don't pay jackshit. Office of Press Secretary staff payroll delayed by Coloma for 2 weeks.

Where would Pacquiao be without Roach... if Manny trained locally.. he'll be a has-been in no-time.

Pacquiao and his Groupies

Pacquiao's was surrounded by roaches and rats.. Tongressmen and Jueteng Lords.. not referring to Freddie Roach - he's a'ite.

Pacquiao has integrity... Aquino.. is pure fantasy. If Manny doesn't watch it - he can wind up in la la la land as well.

Pacquio's millions of dollars worn the hard way.... Aquino and Hacienda Luisita and Lopezes earnd millions the nakawan way..

Philippine Army eyeing new role for #Pacquiao as peace negotiator. - hay naku - papakidnap lang yan ng mga AFP generals.. zarzuela na naman

Pacquiao tags Margarito with combinations - while Pacquiao surrounded by tongressmen with jueteng combinations.

Margarito has got balls... Aquino aint' got one.

Pacquio's millions of dollars worn the hard way.... Aquino and Hacienda Luisita and Lopezes earnd millions the nakawan way

Hoy mga congressman... Pacquiao earned his money fair and square.... samantalang yung mga kasama nya so kongress... MAGNANAKAW.


Get over it Philippines. Manny is a great boxer - now among the greatest. The Philippines still sucks.. and Pinoys still SUCK.

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino but Filipinos ain't a Manny Pacquiao - intiendes?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Take On The Mislang-Vietnam Issue

So Mai Mislang, President Noynoy Aquino's speechwriter, did some pretty juvenile things during their diplomatic visit to Vietnam. We've gone past the fact that she was very wrong in tweet firing the Vietnam cuisine because it was really careless of her. Here she was, a very crucial member of the president's core staff and yet she doesn't realize how she is closely tied to the Aquino administration. She didn't think how Twitter, a SOCIAL networking tool, is very social in a sense that in just a few seconds millions of people can read every word in that 140-character limit. We're past that.

Now I want to point out how we ridiculously despise and segregate Filipinos who do shit like this like we never knew them. I saw one Facebook fan page that was exclusively created to hate on Ms. Mislang. The description reads, "THIS IS A HATE PAGE DEDICATED TO THE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL MISS MAI MISLANG! PNOY'S SPEECHWRITER. WE, FILIPINOS, ARE ASHAMED OF YOU."

Really? That quick? It's just the way it is. Every time international relations is in jeopardy we put our fellow countryman down. Remember Rolando Mendoza? Hate pages started popping out everywhere online. We care so much about our image to other countries that whoever tries to tarnish that (as if it's not already gone bad) will be tied up and stoned to death. Like I said in my previous posts, we know how fucked up our country is, so we try to go into the denial phase and don't admit that we're in a very bad shit hole. We are too insecure to admit it so we try to cover it up by bashing others who expose it.

Here's an idea. Why not try to find a way to get our shit together and fix our way of thinking then we won't have to go through all this loops just to protect our already tarnished reputation. Claire Danes wasn't incorrect when she said that Philippines "smelled of cockroaches." Are you trying to tell me she is wrong, and that you are offended from the truth itself? C'mon, Philippines. Cockroaches are as staple part of the country as rice is on top of our tables. What did she do that deserve a cry for her ban in Manila? The day I don't see a cockroach roaming around tiny little corners is the day you can all decide to ban her ass in the country.

What about Alex Baldwin when he made a remark about Filipino mail-order brides? It is true. What the fuck was Senator Bong Revilla thinking when he wanted to beat Mr. Baldwin? Here's a thought: Google "Filipino Women" and look at the search results. Again, the day Filipino women stop enrolling into this "agencies" is the day I give the senator a free ticket to beat the shit out of Baldwin. And need I mention that it is part of humor that we seem to always feel like we need to take so seriously? And it does happen, so what's the deal, Philippines? IT IS NOT FREAKING RACIST!!!

We make this country the way it is today. So why the hate on ourselves and other people who only happens to see it the way we refuse to see it? We know cockroaches exist, we know these dating services are up and running online, but still we hate it when people tell us that straight to our face. Hmm. We can't take a joke and we can't handle the truth. What can we do?

Okay, bash on Mislang for all you want. But don't drag the entire nation to your hate page. It only gives them the wrong idea. Hate her for her individual act alone, but don't treat it like the olympics how "we, the Filipinos, are ashamed of you." Are you stupid? Ashamed is such a strong word. In fact, the only reason why people hate her is because of the international image. What else is there to fight for but to fight our own battle? Don't fight and contest the way others think of us, rather look into what is wrong and try to change it. Save the energy.

I think it would be pretty awesome if we know we are such in good shape that we won't have to worry what others think for we know we hold our ground. But the reality is, we are in a pretty bad shape.

And I can't help but wonder why the hell Aquino lets his staff off that easy? Make a stand and fire her. That is what he should have done. No room for mistakes. It only shows how weak of a president he is.

Just to compare, two people who were directly involved in the spread of melamine the past year were punished by death by the Chinese government. I'm not saying we should shoot anyone who fucks up (our president doesn't even have the balls to fire someone from her job), but let all who are accountable get what they deserve.

Mr. Aquino, please grow two of what the Chinese government has.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Watch And Bitch

These chick flicks and romantic films that teenage girls, single girls, horny girls and married girls all go crazy for are no good for society. They send this message that there's a perfect guy out there for every girl. When I say perfect, I mean 100% void of any flaws known to a typical guy. Now they have seen countless of these films over and over again since they knew what a penis looked like. They developed this idea over the years to continue searching for that one prince charming they have always dreamed about.

Who's on the losing end now? It's us- the guys. No matter what we do they would always compare us to that fictional character Zack Efron played in a Hollywood movie. They may not do it out loud, but at the back of their mind, it's what they are thinking. Just one little mistake and they think they chose the wrong guy. Now they go on Facebook and Tumblr looking for tagged photos of cute statements on what a sweet guy would say or do. Truth be told, it's girls who create this chain messages which they then send to other girlfriends. No guy said such a thing, it's a result of their fantasies. Then they blab about how they wish this ALL GUYS act this way or that way.

Girls aren't perfect either, but we don't go on social networking sites boldly proclaiming we need one who is. Unknowingly they are also declaring that they're the stronger and better sex. Yup. That's what girls portray when they go on this hunt for their supposedly ideal man. It's like saying no person who has a penis is good enough for them because they make it look like they don't sin even for one instance.

Look, get it out of your head. It's a movie. Nothing wrong with admiring the character from a Nicholas Sparks novel. The only problem is when you take it out on us. Sure, praise those imaginary boys all you want, but please never ever compare them to the point that you actually think there is really someone out there.

From my angle it is pathetic because here they are being picky with partners yet when they're single and on their mid-30's they press the panic button.

Stop watching or stop bitching.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Developing Filipino Insecurities In Sports

Almost everyone has a problem with foreign players playing for their respective schools in college tournaments. They argue that bringing them in won't develop our local talents. I have something to say for all you close-minded freaks. Why don't we close the doors of every school in the country from others who come here only to study. How about that? Since from your rational thinking, it could mean one less spot for a Filipino student in an Algebra class. I guess it comes down to insecurities again because we know how much we suck at basketball, so we use this excuse to somehow get whatever point we're trying to make. If you want to "develop local talents", create a separate team that says "In Development" and shut the hell up.

Last time I checked, collegiate sports are about playing for their schools, not for their country. There is nothing wrong if a 6'8 skilled Nigerian come in to play basketball. If he has an ID from that school, let him play without any criticism. Some argue they might use it as an excuse so they can to "cheat" their way in being a top contender. It's called recruitment everybody. Universities in the US bring in players from all over the globe to play for their schools. This is no different. It is not even an issue. If it's a matter of nationality then it is now called the olympics. No, they are entitled to prepare their teams in the best possible way, and that includes scouting for players.

Also there is a topic of conversation on how we send Filipino-Americans to represent the country in international contests. One mentions that, "Buti pa dati walang halo." (I like it before when there weren't any mixed nationalities) Why do you have a problem with that? They are still Filipinos. I can not even see the point you are trying to make. They are not any different from the ones who grew up here. I think it's that insecurity kicking again, like we must prove that we can do it on our own. Ladies and gentlemen, if we could we wouldn't have to search for more players. Accept that the international level of play has dramatically improved and we're slowly getting left behind. Let that pride go for a minute. No one is really has "pure blood" so to speak. We all have a mix of certain race dating as far back to the grandparents of our grandparents. You can't throw the first stone. No one can say that he is more Filipino than the next guy. That is just plain stupid.

I have said this again and I will say it once more. We must accept the world and its diversity. Times are changing. We can't always become too arrogant in our own walls. It's the way we think I have a problem with. It's all fucked up and blasting in all directions, without a direction. They say shit but it has no substance. Shut up and think sensibly for a minute.

If you don't, might as well close the airports for tourists who want to go to Boracay since it might apparently mean one less seat on the plane for a local traveller who won't be able to enjoy the island.