Monday, April 28, 2014

OMG White Guy Speaks Tagalog

When a non-Filipino blurts out Tagalog words or phrases, we suddenly go into this fangirl version of ourselves. I do not understand the reasoning behind this.

A British guy cursing in Tagalog, "Putang ina." is just another British guy cursing in Tagalog. It does not mean Philippines is the "best country in the world" or that we are famous just because another person picked up the local language. He could have lived in the country for decades, maybe even grew up there, but that's about it. There is nothing to talk about here. 

When I, for example, have lived in Japan for 20 years, I think it is only natural and fitting to be immersed into the Japanese culture (which includes the language spoken) like any other person there. There is no need to record it on video then upload it to Youtube with the title, "Filipino guy speaks Nihongo!" That is just a load of crap.

Youtube has so many videos of white guys speaking Tagalog and every single one of Filipinos make a big deal out of it. 

It's not a testament of a country's "awesomeness" or reputation. It is not an evidence that the Filipino culture is everywhere. It is not proof that "we are so bad ass that non-Filipinos want to learn the language."

No. It's just another guy speaking another language. So let us please calm our tits, especially when we ourselves can't even speak fluent Tagalog. 

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