Thursday, August 26, 2010

Developing Filipino Insecurities In Sports

Almost everyone has a problem with foreign players playing for their respective schools in college tournaments. They argue that bringing them in won't develop our local talents. I have something to say for all you close-minded freaks. Why don't we close the doors of every school in the country from others who come here only to study. How about that? Since from your rational thinking, it could mean one less spot for a Filipino student in an Algebra class. I guess it comes down to insecurities again because we know how much we suck at basketball, so we use this excuse to somehow get whatever point we're trying to make. If you want to "develop local talents", create a separate team that says "In Development" and shut the hell up.

Last time I checked, collegiate sports are about playing for their schools, not for their country. There is nothing wrong if a 6'8 skilled Nigerian come in to play basketball. If he has an ID from that school, let him play without any criticism. Some argue they might use it as an excuse so they can to "cheat" their way in being a top contender. It's called recruitment everybody. Universities in the US bring in players from all over the globe to play for their schools. This is no different. It is not even an issue. If it's a matter of nationality then it is now called the olympics. No, they are entitled to prepare their teams in the best possible way, and that includes scouting for players.

Also there is a topic of conversation on how we send Filipino-Americans to represent the country in international contests. One mentions that, "Buti pa dati walang halo." (I like it before when there weren't any mixed nationalities) Why do you have a problem with that? They are still Filipinos. I can not even see the point you are trying to make. They are not any different from the ones who grew up here. I think it's that insecurity kicking again, like we must prove that we can do it on our own. Ladies and gentlemen, if we could we wouldn't have to search for more players. Accept that the international level of play has dramatically improved and we're slowly getting left behind. Let that pride go for a minute. No one is really has "pure blood" so to speak. We all have a mix of certain race dating as far back to the grandparents of our grandparents. You can't throw the first stone. No one can say that he is more Filipino than the next guy. That is just plain stupid.

I have said this again and I will say it once more. We must accept the world and its diversity. Times are changing. We can't always become too arrogant in our own walls. It's the way we think I have a problem with. It's all fucked up and blasting in all directions, without a direction. They say shit but it has no substance. Shut up and think sensibly for a minute.

If you don't, might as well close the airports for tourists who want to go to Boracay since it might apparently mean one less seat on the plane for a local traveller who won't be able to enjoy the island.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Take On Noynoy Aquino In The Philippines Hostage Situation

Has anyone seen how our president Noynoy Aquino handled the Quirino Grandstand hostage crisis? What are your thoughts?

You are more concerned about being accused of censorship had you ordered a media blackout than actually doing something which at that time seemed more logical. You were afraid of what could happen instead of what should have happened. You are the president. Do something concrete. So what if you get criticized for something which hasn't even happened in the first place? Answer yourself later. Explain to the public why they were kept in the dark. I know you're standing up for what was the key point in your campaign all this time, that you want to be honest to the people, that you don't know anything that they do not know. None of that mattered at that particular moment. It looked like you were watching from the sidelines while getting a play-by-play commentary of the live broadcast. Maybe that was the definition of what you told the press that you were "monitoring" the situation that evening.

Another response he gave out during his meeting with the media is his comparison of our situation to a circumstance in Russia, which according to him, is no different since civilians also perished during the ordeal. What does Russia have anything to do with this? So people died in a hostage crisis in a different country, does that mean it's a perfect justification to let this go?

It is only when we are hit with an actual problem that we come up with a solution just in case it happens next time. When Ondoy hit us, there were calls for a review of our preparedness in times like that. We acted as if the next big typhoon would hit in the following days. Now this entire Rolando Mendoza-led events turned out the way they have, we are now then looking at the readiness of our police force. We are too proud to say that we are not invincible. Just like the president, the Filipinos are afraid to admit that we're not that great.

We don't need your bullshit on how we are your boss. Again, it doesn't do any of us any good. It only boosts our ego that we are always right, and there is nothing about us we should change. It gives us the idea that we're more powerful to the point we refuse to listen anymore. The president should make it clear that he IS the boss, because he is the leader. Who is he fooling?

This is a test you have failed, Mr. President. You obviously did not prepare enough to enter this class (aka presidency). It's like you know you did not study all your life, but your mom dragged you out of your bedroom to force you to take a life-changing test like the SAT's. Don't think too highly of yourself. Not the entire Philippines love looking at your parents' banners all over the streets. Not everyone loves yellow ribbons.
In this unfortunate situation that reached a stage beyond repair, I saw every bit of your character as a president which isn't like any president I have ever seen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Take On Philippines Hostage Crisis

What the fuck people? Why are you all blaming Rolando Mendoza for apparently screwing this country up? We have all been part of the decline of this country, in case you're not aware. The little things you do, from peeing along sidewalks and running past that red light. How are those different? We are talking about the behavior of one man. Well then, look at how you handle yourself. Mendoza is an escape for all you crabs. He had his reasons, but you chose to use him to deflect all insecurities you may have that this country is fucking up real bad. You are in denial. You can't honestly admit that you have flaws, and luckily for you, it just so happens that there is a hostage situation on going.

I don't hate Mendoza for he had personal reasons, and unfortunately things ended the way they did. What I am very furious about is how people treat him. One man causes shame to the country, and they all bring him even further down. It is not doing anybody good. We deny him at all. No one knew the man. A lot of people all over the world have screwed up, but no one really associates the entire country with that one man. We are too insecure so we go on this preemptive strike how Rolando Mendoza doesn't represent the entire country. I know he doesn't. Stop bitching. I know that. You are all concerned about the image again. It always goes back to that. I understand why, it's probably because.. MAYBE YOU ARE TOO INSECURE! You know you already suck so much as a nation that one more event like this will bring us to our own graves. If we know we're a respectable country why then we do we give so much damn about this right? Obviously that isn't the case since we try so hard to make ourselves pleasing to the eyes of others. We try so hard. Too hard. It's becoming pathetic already.

You always wear Pinoy statement shirts how we are one as a nation. I don't see that now. Not even close. Tell me, where is that? I don't ever wanna see someone wear that piece of trash again. Mendoza isn't a hypocrite, you are. He isn't really the problem. It's the way you think.

Personally, I'd want a reaction that goes along something like this: Oh shit, Mendoza's at it right now. This is bad. I guess we will finally experience what the other countries feel when we bullshit their people. We go on a trigger happy banning steak as if it's only a press of a button. Now we are waiting for a response from Hong Kong. Oh boy, I do wish we get banned. To serve us a lesson. And I hope people don't react too much, because if it were the opposite, we'd do the same. Don't fake it. I know that is exactly what will happen. Increase the security threat level in the Philippines. That way, everyone suffers. Not just tourism. But how everything goes off in chains, affecting each one of us. Then we'd understand the severity before deciding to finally change our evil ways.

Again, I'm pissed the way we are reacting. It is so immature. Say, an American does the same. I don't see anyone crying out, "Not all Americans are like him. We are all different." or something. Whatever. I don't see any other country doing what we are exactly doing right now. Sheesh.

Accept what other countries will say about our country. We need to hear the truth. You need to read this.  Why? Because we are really a fucked up nation. I don't need you to wear those shirts that mask the true character of our country. Inside we know how crazy it is. We must not deny it. We keep on doing so because we know the truth hurts. We're afraid to hear other nations say something unpleasant because for some reason it has been programmed to our system that we are one heck of a nation that every other foreign national want to visit. Nope. Take that out of your thinking. The more you look at it that way the more you will never change. Dude, look around you. It is getting worse every minute. What happened tonight just proves it even more. Stop deflecting. It's on us.

It's on us and us alone. Don't think about how others will judge us. Scrap that out for a minute, please! We care too much about our image (rightly so) but we gotta take care of ourselves first.

Can I just say how the media handled this very poorly. No one wants to see a father, mother, brother or sister passed out, or worse, dead on international news broadcasted all over the world (e.g. ABS-CBN, TFC). No one wants to hear how Mendoza is killed, and how he looks like after being shot dead. His family won't appreciate it. ABS-CBN reporter was almost about to describe it before he realized he couldn't find the right words. But if he did, I'm sure he would have told everyone. It is not fair for everyone. The networks enjoyed this and they are too insensitive. All cameras were rolling but we never really can know what could happen next. Will the bus blow up? Will cops get shot at? Will we see burning bodies? Those are the possible scenes the cameras may get a shot of. Those can't be aired at all. Everything is just so stupid today.. and Mendoza isn't one of them. I'm not saying I am in favor of what he did, by the way. But there are more stupider stuff to talk about than him alone (e.g. YOU?)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day The Philippines Stood Still

The Philippines should have a bestfriend who would tell it straight how its people have effed the country up real bad. The friend who would slap it in the face and give it to him without any bullshit. The kind of friend who can lock him up in a hole and make him see all the darkness around him. It doesn't need a friend who would suck up. It doesn't need anymore praising from others. There is nothing to be proud of. What it needs is real talk. I don't understand how we cover up nasty things with sweet words which only make it worse. How is it suppose to change when the people do not even realize what is there to change?

I propose to have a Philippine version of the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. In it, all the awful things Filipinos are not aware of are clearly exposed. The perfect reaction after showing one example would be something along the lines of, "Oo nga, ano?" The kind that will have them realize that it is there all along. I can't imagine how many ideas I can put in that film already. There's just too many ways how we are fucking this country up. If you haven't seen the movie, it ended with the world getting spared from a catastrophe. I don't mind pushing through with the extinction in a local adaptation. Go all out. We all need it.

"If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives", says Keanu Reeves. Let me try and modify that: If the Philippines dies, we die. If we die, the Philippines survives. Yes! That's how it's supposed to be. Save it. It's really a beautiful country; unfortunately we take it for granted. From north to south there are countless blessings we can set our eyes on. It is amazing. We are the disease that like I said have always screwed things up. The Day Philippines Stood Still will be the day I will start seeing change.

The Wrath Of Keanu Is Upon Us!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut II

We're a nation of people who love to hop on and climb up. It's just the way it has always been. I guess no one cares for us, so we find reasons to make ourselves feel an integral part of the society. Last time I was saying we have the most scrutinizing eyes but in some cases, we are completely blind. This is that some case.

A few years ago, no one knew who Charice Pempengco was. Last year, we were all wondering where Efren Penaflorida came from. There are a lot of Filipinos lurking around that we ourselves fail to give recognition to. Now that Charice, as she is called in the international stage, is now a huge star in the hollywood scene, we somehow gave ourselves the right to get up on her when she underwent Botox procedure. The critics will always be there. But where were they when before Charice Pempengco became Charice? None of us discovered her. It took people outside of this country to recognize brilliance on our own damn soil. That is pretty pathetic when you read that statement. It gets sadder when you read it again and again. If I were Charice I'd pretty pissed right now, and given the chance I would run and turn my back on the country who never gave a shit about my talent until now. Now we understand the magnitude of Charice's fame is, we treat her like she is our own daughter and sister. We all want a piece of her now like crabs in a bucket.

In 2009, Efren Penaflorida popped out of nowhere. We didn't know his project even existed. But the thing with us crabs, I mean Filipinos, we felt so delighted that it's CNN much like Charice's stint in Oprah. It's the big stage. Even then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo didn't know who he was. One of her advisors probably just mentioned him, and then she ultimately decided to get a ceremony all rolled out for him at the Malacanang. I hope Efren made noise prior to 2009. Maybe he was making one on the streets, only quietly. This way all the success he made as CNN's Hero of the Year would have been sweeter as we have witnessed his journey as a man dedicated to help others.

I think the media is focused on all the wrong news. Imagine how many news programs there are each day, every day, yet no one was ever to report about Efren. They write about all the usual stereotypical stuff. I am not from the media so I wouldn't know, but if they were doing more than the routine then they must have heard something. I don't know. All I know is there is one thing we need not to report about and that's how we have a good pair of legs to jump on bandwagons and climb up people's backs.