Thursday, August 26, 2010

Developing Filipino Insecurities In Sports

Almost everyone has a problem with foreign players playing for their respective schools in college tournaments. They argue that bringing them in won't develop our local talents. I have something to say for all you close-minded freaks. Why don't we close the doors of every school in the country from others who come here only to study. How about that? Since from your rational thinking, it could mean one less spot for a Filipino student in an Algebra class. I guess it comes down to insecurities again because we know how much we suck at basketball, so we use this excuse to somehow get whatever point we're trying to make. If you want to "develop local talents", create a separate team that says "In Development" and shut the hell up.

Last time I checked, collegiate sports are about playing for their schools, not for their country. There is nothing wrong if a 6'8 skilled Nigerian come in to play basketball. If he has an ID from that school, let him play without any criticism. Some argue they might use it as an excuse so they can to "cheat" their way in being a top contender. It's called recruitment everybody. Universities in the US bring in players from all over the globe to play for their schools. This is no different. It is not even an issue. If it's a matter of nationality then it is now called the olympics. No, they are entitled to prepare their teams in the best possible way, and that includes scouting for players.

Also there is a topic of conversation on how we send Filipino-Americans to represent the country in international contests. One mentions that, "Buti pa dati walang halo." (I like it before when there weren't any mixed nationalities) Why do you have a problem with that? They are still Filipinos. I can not even see the point you are trying to make. They are not any different from the ones who grew up here. I think it's that insecurity kicking again, like we must prove that we can do it on our own. Ladies and gentlemen, if we could we wouldn't have to search for more players. Accept that the international level of play has dramatically improved and we're slowly getting left behind. Let that pride go for a minute. No one is really has "pure blood" so to speak. We all have a mix of certain race dating as far back to the grandparents of our grandparents. You can't throw the first stone. No one can say that he is more Filipino than the next guy. That is just plain stupid.

I have said this again and I will say it once more. We must accept the world and its diversity. Times are changing. We can't always become too arrogant in our own walls. It's the way we think I have a problem with. It's all fucked up and blasting in all directions, without a direction. They say shit but it has no substance. Shut up and think sensibly for a minute.

If you don't, might as well close the airports for tourists who want to go to Boracay since it might apparently mean one less seat on the plane for a local traveller who won't be able to enjoy the island.

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  1. This is why I really don't like the UAAP rule of only allowing one foreign player to play in the game at any single time. It's like were already conceding to them from the start. We take such pride in being a basketball-crazed country, but we don't allow ourselves to get better (even if it means being outclassed) by playing with foreigners who might be better than us.