Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Take On Noynoy Aquino In The Philippines Hostage Situation

Has anyone seen how our president Noynoy Aquino handled the Quirino Grandstand hostage crisis? What are your thoughts?

You are more concerned about being accused of censorship had you ordered a media blackout than actually doing something which at that time seemed more logical. You were afraid of what could happen instead of what should have happened. You are the president. Do something concrete. So what if you get criticized for something which hasn't even happened in the first place? Answer yourself later. Explain to the public why they were kept in the dark. I know you're standing up for what was the key point in your campaign all this time, that you want to be honest to the people, that you don't know anything that they do not know. None of that mattered at that particular moment. It looked like you were watching from the sidelines while getting a play-by-play commentary of the live broadcast. Maybe that was the definition of what you told the press that you were "monitoring" the situation that evening.

Another response he gave out during his meeting with the media is his comparison of our situation to a circumstance in Russia, which according to him, is no different since civilians also perished during the ordeal. What does Russia have anything to do with this? So people died in a hostage crisis in a different country, does that mean it's a perfect justification to let this go?

It is only when we are hit with an actual problem that we come up with a solution just in case it happens next time. When Ondoy hit us, there were calls for a review of our preparedness in times like that. We acted as if the next big typhoon would hit in the following days. Now this entire Rolando Mendoza-led events turned out the way they have, we are now then looking at the readiness of our police force. We are too proud to say that we are not invincible. Just like the president, the Filipinos are afraid to admit that we're not that great.

We don't need your bullshit on how we are your boss. Again, it doesn't do any of us any good. It only boosts our ego that we are always right, and there is nothing about us we should change. It gives us the idea that we're more powerful to the point we refuse to listen anymore. The president should make it clear that he IS the boss, because he is the leader. Who is he fooling?

This is a test you have failed, Mr. President. You obviously did not prepare enough to enter this class (aka presidency). It's like you know you did not study all your life, but your mom dragged you out of your bedroom to force you to take a life-changing test like the SAT's. Don't think too highly of yourself. Not the entire Philippines love looking at your parents' banners all over the streets. Not everyone loves yellow ribbons.
In this unfortunate situation that reached a stage beyond repair, I saw every bit of your character as a president which isn't like any president I have ever seen.

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