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REPOST: Hard Work ... Not Filipino-ness

I've always reiterated over and over again the message conveyed in this article:

FROM: AntiPinoy

Hard Work ... Not Filipino-ness
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Pacquiao's success was built on the sports program of a Non-Filipino - you all better thank Freddie Roach - the individual.

That Pacquiao, Pempengco, Banatao.. and OFWs succeed overseas just tells you one thing about the culture of mediocrity in the #Philippines.

An individual can succeed - given the right environment... Pacquaio .. like OFWs have to leave the Philippines to find the right environment 35 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Parental support?.. kung Pinas pa rin ang coaching at facilitiies mo... makiboksing ka na lang sa nanay at tatay mo.. Get real now.

Coaching.. training.. focus.. hard work.. and a winning attitude.. does not have anything to do about being Filipino. Get Real #Philippines

Just because you are a Filipino, does that now make you a great boxer? Is that so? Really? maghunos-dili ka.... guni guni mo lang yan.

Manny owes Freddie Roach big time... not his "Filipino-ness"... susmaryosep.

Proud to be Filipino?

Proud to be filipino because manny is filipino? am sorry but i can't for the life of me make that same comment. if manny were a product of a concerted national sports programs - that's the time i will be proud.

But, trained by freddie roach, training in california... get real now.

Without Freddie Roach intervention and guidance - manny would have wind up like Rex Navarette - it had nothing to do with Manny being Filipino at all.

Manny rose above being a Filipino - a mere accident of birth is not something to be proud about.

The Philippine Sports Program

Tontowist Pinoys will rejoice about Manny... seriously.. look at the philippine sports program and WEEP!!!

Philippine sports program and Manny Pacquiao... one is real.. the other is fantasy... :)

Manny Pacquiao wins - eight championships... Philippiine Sports Program .. what.. there's a program?

Manny pacquiao's win is diametrically opposite to the loser of a Philippines sports program.

If Pacquiao relied on local coaching and local facilities... hanggang Pilipinas lang siya champion.. afterwards kulelat na .. parang bang mga PBA players.

Boxing Program? Congress will allot budget - 90% goes to Tongressman/Senatong - 7% goes to actual program - 3% to Roach.. ipis 27 minutes ago

Hire Roach to run Philippines BOxing Program? the Philippines don't pay jackshit. Office of Press Secretary staff payroll delayed by Coloma for 2 weeks.

Where would Pacquiao be without Roach... if Manny trained locally.. he'll be a has-been in no-time.

Pacquiao and his Groupies

Pacquiao's was surrounded by roaches and rats.. Tongressmen and Jueteng Lords.. not referring to Freddie Roach - he's a'ite.

Pacquiao has integrity... Aquino.. is pure fantasy. If Manny doesn't watch it - he can wind up in la la la land as well.

Pacquio's millions of dollars worn the hard way.... Aquino and Hacienda Luisita and Lopezes earnd millions the nakawan way..

Philippine Army eyeing new role for #Pacquiao as peace negotiator. - hay naku - papakidnap lang yan ng mga AFP generals.. zarzuela na naman

Pacquiao tags Margarito with combinations - while Pacquiao surrounded by tongressmen with jueteng combinations.

Margarito has got balls... Aquino aint' got one.

Pacquio's millions of dollars worn the hard way.... Aquino and Hacienda Luisita and Lopezes earnd millions the nakawan way

Hoy mga congressman... Pacquiao earned his money fair and square.... samantalang yung mga kasama nya so kongress... MAGNANAKAW.


Get over it Philippines. Manny is a great boxer - now among the greatest. The Philippines still sucks.. and Pinoys still SUCK.

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino but Filipinos ain't a Manny Pacquiao - intiendes?

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