Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Take On The Mislang-Vietnam Issue

So Mai Mislang, President Noynoy Aquino's speechwriter, did some pretty juvenile things during their diplomatic visit to Vietnam. We've gone past the fact that she was very wrong in tweet firing the Vietnam cuisine because it was really careless of her. Here she was, a very crucial member of the president's core staff and yet she doesn't realize how she is closely tied to the Aquino administration. She didn't think how Twitter, a SOCIAL networking tool, is very social in a sense that in just a few seconds millions of people can read every word in that 140-character limit. We're past that.

Now I want to point out how we ridiculously despise and segregate Filipinos who do shit like this like we never knew them. I saw one Facebook fan page that was exclusively created to hate on Ms. Mislang. The description reads, "THIS IS A HATE PAGE DEDICATED TO THE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL MISS MAI MISLANG! PNOY'S SPEECHWRITER. WE, FILIPINOS, ARE ASHAMED OF YOU."

Really? That quick? It's just the way it is. Every time international relations is in jeopardy we put our fellow countryman down. Remember Rolando Mendoza? Hate pages started popping out everywhere online. We care so much about our image to other countries that whoever tries to tarnish that (as if it's not already gone bad) will be tied up and stoned to death. Like I said in my previous posts, we know how fucked up our country is, so we try to go into the denial phase and don't admit that we're in a very bad shit hole. We are too insecure to admit it so we try to cover it up by bashing others who expose it.

Here's an idea. Why not try to find a way to get our shit together and fix our way of thinking then we won't have to go through all this loops just to protect our already tarnished reputation. Claire Danes wasn't incorrect when she said that Philippines "smelled of cockroaches." Are you trying to tell me she is wrong, and that you are offended from the truth itself? C'mon, Philippines. Cockroaches are as staple part of the country as rice is on top of our tables. What did she do that deserve a cry for her ban in Manila? The day I don't see a cockroach roaming around tiny little corners is the day you can all decide to ban her ass in the country.

What about Alex Baldwin when he made a remark about Filipino mail-order brides? It is true. What the fuck was Senator Bong Revilla thinking when he wanted to beat Mr. Baldwin? Here's a thought: Google "Filipino Women" and look at the search results. Again, the day Filipino women stop enrolling into this "agencies" is the day I give the senator a free ticket to beat the shit out of Baldwin. And need I mention that it is part of humor that we seem to always feel like we need to take so seriously? And it does happen, so what's the deal, Philippines? IT IS NOT FREAKING RACIST!!!

We make this country the way it is today. So why the hate on ourselves and other people who only happens to see it the way we refuse to see it? We know cockroaches exist, we know these dating services are up and running online, but still we hate it when people tell us that straight to our face. Hmm. We can't take a joke and we can't handle the truth. What can we do?

Okay, bash on Mislang for all you want. But don't drag the entire nation to your hate page. It only gives them the wrong idea. Hate her for her individual act alone, but don't treat it like the olympics how "we, the Filipinos, are ashamed of you." Are you stupid? Ashamed is such a strong word. In fact, the only reason why people hate her is because of the international image. What else is there to fight for but to fight our own battle? Don't fight and contest the way others think of us, rather look into what is wrong and try to change it. Save the energy.

I think it would be pretty awesome if we know we are such in good shape that we won't have to worry what others think for we know we hold our ground. But the reality is, we are in a pretty bad shape.

And I can't help but wonder why the hell Aquino lets his staff off that easy? Make a stand and fire her. That is what he should have done. No room for mistakes. It only shows how weak of a president he is.

Just to compare, two people who were directly involved in the spread of melamine the past year were punished by death by the Chinese government. I'm not saying we should shoot anyone who fucks up (our president doesn't even have the balls to fire someone from her job), but let all who are accountable get what they deserve.

Mr. Aquino, please grow two of what the Chinese government has.


  1. mislang is an obvious slut but we wont get rid of her because she is noynoy's fubu

  2. Are you stupid? She does not deserve her position if she can talk/treat people like that. She is representing our country. Idiot!