Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Watch And Bitch

These chick flicks and romantic films that teenage girls, single girls, horny girls and married girls all go crazy for are no good for society. They send this message that there's a perfect guy out there for every girl. When I say perfect, I mean 100% void of any flaws known to a typical guy. Now they have seen countless of these films over and over again since they knew what a penis looked like. They developed this idea over the years to continue searching for that one prince charming they have always dreamed about.

Who's on the losing end now? It's us- the guys. No matter what we do they would always compare us to that fictional character Zack Efron played in a Hollywood movie. They may not do it out loud, but at the back of their mind, it's what they are thinking. Just one little mistake and they think they chose the wrong guy. Now they go on Facebook and Tumblr looking for tagged photos of cute statements on what a sweet guy would say or do. Truth be told, it's girls who create this chain messages which they then send to other girlfriends. No guy said such a thing, it's a result of their fantasies. Then they blab about how they wish this ALL GUYS act this way or that way.

Girls aren't perfect either, but we don't go on social networking sites boldly proclaiming we need one who is. Unknowingly they are also declaring that they're the stronger and better sex. Yup. That's what girls portray when they go on this hunt for their supposedly ideal man. It's like saying no person who has a penis is good enough for them because they make it look like they don't sin even for one instance.

Look, get it out of your head. It's a movie. Nothing wrong with admiring the character from a Nicholas Sparks novel. The only problem is when you take it out on us. Sure, praise those imaginary boys all you want, but please never ever compare them to the point that you actually think there is really someone out there.

From my angle it is pathetic because here they are being picky with partners yet when they're single and on their mid-30's they press the panic button.

Stop watching or stop bitching.

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