Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

Filipinos possess the most scrutinizing eyes one can ever see. They give these powerful looks to anyone in their line of sight. The eyes have mastered this art to the extent of being able to see beyond what a regular person cannot. Don't think for one second it's a good thing, because it is not.

We give so much attention to the lives of other people that we have failed to respect diversity amongst ourselves. Everyone is different. Let me make that clear. I don't see the point of openly and vocally criticizing a heftier woman of her choice in fashion normally seen in skinny girls. Last time I checked, there is no governing body that legally monitors such actions. I can't even remember how many times I've heard rude comments such as, "Ano ba yan, sexy mo ate para magsuot niyan ha." They're not expressed directly, and not always the precise words are used, but one gets the point. She is, just as anyone, entitled to walk around in a mall with her favorite wardrobe. As long as she feels good, I see no point in making a big deal out of it. Shut the hell up, woman.

It's this kind of attitude that eventually brought me to the thinking that maybe it's one of the reasons why Filipinos are generally shy. We care so much of what people may think, and we know that for a fact. Of course we do. We're just like them. Not everyone's aware that we fail at doing something crazy sometimes. All for the reason we're just too damn afraid of what others will say about it knowing that we treat others exactly the same way. A guy wearing sunglasses drives his Honda with a roaring engine and loud music and the only thing anyone can come up with is a pathetic, "Wow pogi mo para dyan ah." I don't really get it (By the way, that's not coming from my own personal experience). Now this girl who is dying to wear this outfit will most probably leave it inside her closet to rot for eternity as well.

The world, including the Philippines, is rapidly moving at a pace too fast for us. Times and people are changing. As the number grows, so too are the assortment of interests that can be seen all over the place. It's only mandatory to eliminate unacceptable practices which don't coincide with the evolving society in front of us. And that's how I think we can put our keen eyes to good use.

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