Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not Just A Pretty Face

Inventors discover new ways to make people's lives way easier. From a hypothetical idea inside their homes to finally a precise representation of that scheme, it is almost too fascinating how anyone could still think of more designs and gimmicks to improve the way we do things.

The main reason why these innovators even bother to create such products is because there just are not enough of them. We need them. There were no mobile phones back then, but we needed it. Now that we have it, companies search for more ways to further maximize its potentials in a sense that it was now a challenge to work on what else is out there for the iPhones and the Blackberries. On the other hand, Friendster was great for a while; but the emerging users found particular functions in Facebook which extremely appealed to their tastes.

Facebook provided us the freedom to write comments on almost anything we see on our screen. A bestfriend updates his status- boom, comment! An ex is now "single"- boom, comment! We always have something to say about almost anything we see in there. It just annoys me how one simple post could receive 30 something "feedbacks" (as Facebook calls it) when in reality, are only composed of two people writing one post after the other. It upsets other people who may have "liked" or wrote a single comment because it essentially fills their notifications with stuff they're not interested in. This is why Facebook introduced the ability to chat with other Facebook users who are online in an environment similar to instant messaging clients we are familiar with. This provided a way for two people to interact privately without distracting others.

Why wait for him to comment back on our own comment when we could have done it in a time-saving manner via this:

Next time, like the inventors themselves, make our lives easier as well by taking advantage of what the generous guys over at the Facebook team did for us. It is supposedly there for a reason.

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