Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Lazy (Or Stupid) Birthday To You!

Are people getting lazier or stupider? This is the question I ask now that over the course of time I have noticed one change in the continuing evolution of our language. It's not looking good.

Forget the happy birthdays. Apparently, the trend these days is shortening and manipulating it the best possible way one can. By far the most common one is HBD, short for Happy BirthDay. People have all the time to post longer messages on their friend's wall but can't even get this one right? I have a problem with this simply because it's supposed to be a meaningful greeting. HBD appears to let him know that you are too lazy or stupid to greet him the proper way and you just want to get it over with. It seems to have lost its significance in making an effort to brighten up someone's day. It also adds burden to make him think what the hell does "HBD" mean. I have no idea how many times I've seen this all over cyberspace. Maybe it's just me who has a problem with this. Maybe at this point you've come to realize this too.

I'm just throwing this up there. I apologize if you happen to read this and feel a connection. It's either you're too lazy to type out the entire phrase or too stupid to tell the effect it has on the other person. I'm also heavily considering the my last theory which is you're just trying to be pa-cute and trying to standout which is personally both lazy and stupid. Take your pick.


  1. lars (not my real name): I won't be surprised since I believe it does vary from one person to the other.