Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Real Trending Topic

I don't care if #SONA2010, #Pnoy or #Aquino were trending worldwide when President Noynoy Aquino delivered his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) to the public last July 26, 2010. No one cares, really. It is a waste of web space used on this negligible topic. The SONA itself is monumental, but to write about how everyone in the world is tweeting about it is just plain pathetic. I bet this is another ego-boosting ploy of local writers to feel proud again that anything Filipino is being talked about internationally. Trending topics often change in just a snap. They don't last for weeks. It is really not big of a deal. It's like saying, "Oh my God I'm so proud to be Filipino since President Aquino's SONA is in the Top 10 list of Twitter's trending topics." Really? Are we serious? We just love it when we're talked about globally. When a person makes a name for himself internationally we do what it takes to dig up information to see if he has Filipino blood in him, even if it's just 1/16 or less. These smart writers then add Filipino-(insert real nationality) before his name. Dude, he is American. He isn't Filipino-American, there's no such thing. We don't write it that way in application forms that ask us what our nationality is. We love to cling on issues that cover self-admiration. We try our very best to attach ourselves to them because subconsciously we know we are a weak country of unappreciated people. If we knew we could stand on our own feet, wouldn't we even feel obligated to force ourselves to be known to the rest of the world? Too much insecurities here.

I remember in the recent May elections how pertinent keywords connected to the event like #halalan were monitored just so they can witness the fall of #JustinBieber, which is 1st on the list. Sheesh.

Grow up. Get real.

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