Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Tight Situation For The Vagina

Just to what extent does the general population of the 21st century women want to be recognized as on par with their male counterparts? It is not a question whether they want it or not, but someone's gotta draw a glaring line and say, "Hey, we've agreed to these terms so stop whining, shut your mouth and move on."

The world gets excited when we hear a news reporter begins a piece with, "The first woman to ever jump of a cliff..." or something like that. It's a UFO sighting, a Bigfoot encounter or snowfall in the Philippines. No, not really. I'm exaggerating too much. Case in point, it's a rare occurrence. I don't see or hear any feminism-centered social groups reacting now. This is the part where it gets tricky. If they really want their rights to be identified, I propose that they should bitch out on everyone. Equality, huh? Then quit pointing out that they are women, or that they have become the first whatever. If there's already a first, may it be someone with a penis or a vagina, leave it at that. Please, please, completely erase the subcategory of being "The First Woman."

Since when can women demand silently that a gentleman should give up his seat for her? Hey, they fought for their rights to be marked with a social stamp of approval for hundreds of years, so might as well transfer that sexy ball of energy to standing up throughout the ride than making a huge fuss out of it. By huge, I mean texting all your girlfriends how this man was undeniably cute, but unfortunately rude. Even being a gentleman, or chivalry, is not expected at all times. It branches out to so many degrees. I hate it when women, with oozing confidence, declare to the whole world as part of their rebuttal that men SHOULD be gentlemen. Should? Really? Says who? Of course chivalry's dead. Our grandmothers and their grandmothers and even their grandmothers argued their way to receiving this kind of reception centuries running now.

It's really confusing for a guy like me. Seriously. It's true what they say about what women want. We just can't quite figure out what it is exactly. One moment they love this, the next they love that. Stick to something, because it drives us crazy and it even makes it so hard to give them what they want.

So I am finally drawing this very thick line. No grey areas, just a purely black and white situation. Those make ups you carry around with you, they are not always for your faces, try making up your mind too. Otherwise, whine, dine and bitch out.

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