Sunday, July 25, 2010

When Hope Is Not Enough

Today's headline from The Philippine Star reads, "Noy: Let's Give RP Hope." Let me remind everyone that US President Barack Obama embodied Hope when he ran for the highest political position. That's what the voters saw, and that's why he is their choice. The radiance in him reached out to more, including myself, believing that he could turn things around once George W. Bush's reign is over. Maybe add the fact that during the campaign most of the attention was focused on him possibly becoming the first African-American president helped his case. Simply put, his aura was powerful enough to convince the American people that he is the rightful person to lead their nation.

I've always said that President Noynoy Aquino is similar to Obama in the only sense that he had nothing to offer the public but Hope. Unlike Obama, it wasn't the color of his skin which propelled him to victory, but the deaths of his parents (who are overrated by the way, just like their only son). The ones who voted for this man wanted to see Hope in the oath-taking ceremony because apparently they are too lazy to do their part for their country. What happens after the first year of presidency, when the window of Hope is now smaller than what it used to be in the campaign period? He can't keep letting people "believe" since time will run out, and before he knows it, it's 2016. Hope can't design a realistic plan in times of disasters. Hope can't construct more efficient means of public transportation. Hope can't architect a corrupt-free government. Hope can't drain out all the water in flood-prone areas. Hope can't even stop people from cutting in lines. It can't give us much really. So why should our president give the Philippines Hope? Oh that's right. People are too stupid to think for themselves. They believe Hope is enough to give them that feel-good feeling. He thinks it's enough to quiet the followers and critics alike for the meantime, something to buy him more time for that window that's closing in.

What we need to hear are actual concrete plans to find a solution to pressing problems. If other aspiring senatorial and presidential candidates, who ironically lost, all had something to offer on the table, I can't understand how he can not formulate his own. They had a clear vision if they were to win. They were ready. The president, on the other hand, had Hope by his side. He probably hoped that the influential strength of his parents won't die out. He probably hoped that the correlation of corruption and poverty is convincing enough. Right now, a big part of America is unsatisfied with their president. I'm afraid our very own will end up like him soon.

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